The small robot car is improving, better code and better design.

I have created a curved front and moved ultrasonic sensors to the from to get a wider coverage in the front to see slitty on the side to make the movement more smooth.

On the side I have added IR sensors 10-80 cm measurement range to have some coverage in that directions

I also have an ir on the front that might be moved to the back of the car and replaced by a bumper IR detector

A Bumper IR detector catch if we are to close to an abject and is probably better combination with ultrasonic sensors compared to IR distance sensors

My intention with IR distance sensor in the front was to have a complement when target is audio absorbing or wall angle is strange.

I let you know of my learnings when I get into the deeper testings.

To be able to use IR distance sensors that sends an analog signal I needed an analog to digital converter, and decided on buying an arduino nano that is very cheep 5 euro, and could attache all my sensors to this new card.

Arduino has a better time handler and is therefor very good as a sensor data colector.

All code is on

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