Many companies are building a Data Lake based on hadoop with streaming capabilities with spark, flink and storm this enables realtime analyzing and enrichment of the data to provide better customer relationship by showing them what they need right now or making offers that will support what they are looking for.

Self driving cars are already becoming a reality, they are based on sensors, natural language recognition, and other AI related technologies.

What if we move them into business proceses and let AI based system help us run our business?

IOT Internet Of Things is growing in popularity, what if they where smart, what if they had artificial intelligence and could cooperate and communicate with your applications and business processes.

If we have small AI utilities in our Big Data platform and give them access to all our data and letting them build and rebuild there analytic models based on the data and data streams, we could capture trend  in realtime and notify us so we can react, we could also improve our communication with our customers based of their needs and current trends, in a way that is not possible with current tools.

Here is a related interview with Jules Damji

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