If you have not yet been on a training in Logical Thinking Process I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity this spring and join a 6 day trining course held by the author of the best book of the subject Bill Dettmer.

After I took the training I have improved my logical decision a lot,and moved from stomach decisions to decisions based on a logical analyses where I spend time together with other people solving problems with a focus on always creating win win solution.

you will find more information of the training at below link, here is a short summary

Logical Thinking Process 6-days course : next session in 2018 – Paris from 6th to 13th June 2018

Craft an actionable future and bring your organization to a higher level

Logical Thinking Process, as the name suggests, uses sound logic and a set of tools or processes to provide executives and system managers an effective method for designing organizational strategy, planning its deployment, evaluating its effectiveness, and making corrections as needed in the shortest possible time.


The LTP can typically produce a completed strategy within a matter of weeks, including the required deployment tasks and activities. It provides an easy way for executives to monitor progress of strategy deployment. In the problem-solving mode, resolution of complex system problems has been designed in as short as a few days and no more than several weeks (the time required for solution implementation varies with the nature of the situation).

The two most significant challenges leaders and senior managers face are creating and deploying an effective organizational strategy and solving complex system problems.

  • Where do we stand today?
  • What will be needed for tomorrow?
  • What is holding us back from achieving new levels of success?
  • What should we do about it?
  • How can we change direction?

These are all questions that traditional methods of continuous improvement are ill-equipped to address. Strategy development and complex problem solving represent opposite sides of the same coin.

Consider that problem solving at the strategic system level is no more than identifying the shortfalls in performance against the originally designed strategy, determining the reasons why these gaps exist, and creating ways to close them—thus improving the success of the original strategy.

The Logical Thinking Process (LTP) is an integrated set of logic trees intended specifically to answer four essential questions crucial for both strategy development and problem solving:
1. What is the benchmark of desired system performance?
2. Why is the system not already achieving that benchmark?
3. What should be done differently to achieve the benchmark?
4. How should changes be effected?


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Be self sufficient to read, construct and review Goal Trees, Current Reality Trees, Conflict Resolution Diagrams (Evaporating Clouds), Future Reality Trees and Prerequisite Trees

  • Surface and identify root causes of complex problems and build robust solutions to solve them

  • Assess and mitigate the risks of the proposed solutions

  • Apprehend the difficulties about change and settle conflicting objectives

  • Identify and overcome possible obstacles

  • Build a straightforward plan for change and present an executive summary



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